the point | seattle wedding photographer

One of the questions I get asked most by potential clients is "What about posing? How much of each image do you influence?" Another I hear very often is "What if we're really awkward in front of the camera? Can you help us?"

The short answers: Done sparingly. As much or little as needed. That's okay, I am too. Of course.


The long-winded answers: Yes, I do pose... within reason. I consider myself to be a mostly photojournalistic photographer. I am there on your day to capture you, and your love, not just my impressions of it. But not everyone is a well-seasoned model. I understand fully that the wonderful clients I work with aren't always used to being photographed. Feeling awkward? Welcome, my friend. I'm the queen of awkward. I love being awkward, because it means I've learned too not take myself too seriously. If you combine awkwardness with calm confidence... something pretty amazing happens. So forget about the awkwardness, we'll rock it together.

When it comes time for portraits, I'll begin by popping you into some beautiful scene and giving you a very simple set of instructions. Stand here. Hold hands. Cuddle up. Love each other. Don't stay in one place. Move freely. Flirt, play, dance, kiss, hug. Do whatever comes naturally. Because, let's face it... you two have a pretty good idea of how to be together. You stand, sit, and walk next to each other on a daily basis. This is the same, just with fancier clothes.

I always put huge emphasis on the fact that I want you both to feel comfortable around me. I am going to be spending most of your wedding day right by your side, running around with bags of equipment, acting like a goon (guaranteed, if only to make people laugh), standing on a chair, trying to get grandma to pay attention during family portraits, and scampering through fields, forests, beaches or city streets searching for that perfect shot. If there isn't a strong sense of camaraderie between us, this isn't going to work. If there is? Oh, let the magic begin.

Honestly, the most beautiful moments on a wedding day don't happen when I'm poking and prodding and prompting you. They happen naturally. That's why I'm there, to document those tiny, often imperceptible in-between moments. To see what others may miss. To seek out that something special, or even to encourage you two to relax, to flirt with each other, or to have a quiet moment before the ceremony (that I'll secretly capture). These moments happen when emotions, slowly building throughout the day, finally burst. They come when least expected (except to those who are watching carefully), when the groom steals a kiss, the bride locks eyes with her father, or mom is struck with the realization that today her baby is starting a brand new life. These photos are not perfectly styled. They are real, raw, organic, and the reason I love photographing weddings.

Let's grab a burger, a coffee, an all-organic, free-range kale salad, and have a chat. I'd love to know you.