I am tasha vanasse (vuh - noss).

I have been taking real photos of real people for almost ten years.

I live in portland with my husband, our brilliant daughter and our somnolent springer spaniel/dachshund, Prudence.


My husband and I had a fling at photo school eight years ago, fell in love and never looked back. We know that love isn't easy, but it sure is worth it.

I am a vegetarian, an environmentalist, a sensitive.

I believe in adventure, in lasting friendships. I believe in helping people. I believe that every second of life is worth living to its fullest. I believe that tea makes life infinitely better. I believe in living a thoroughly examined life.
I believe in family, and above all
I believe in love.

Sixty years from now, if you sit down with your love and look back over your wedding photos, and they make you remember, realize anew that this love, this life together is absolutely worth every moment (even the not-so-shiny ones), then my job here is done.