have you ever seen a photo that made your heart skip a beat? took your breath away? inspired, moved, fueled you?

those photos, they are why I began this journey in the first place. I realized that those photos captured raw, real moments, and that those moments are one of the most beautiful things we can experience as humans.

I could endlessly expostulate on the glories of love, but here’s what it comes down to:

you have found each other, just the two of you.
in a crazy world filled with infinite possibilities,
your two souls have collided, united.
so we celebrate.

that, right there, is enough to make my heart sing.
your story. your passions. your quirks and oddities.
your hopes and dreams. your family, friends, pets.
that’s what I’m here to capture.

those deep, raw emotions that emerge, slowly, beautifully, when you bare your soul to another.
that is what I live and breathe for.

this, my job, provides for me (and you, and hopefully anyone who sees the images) a constant reminder that this world is still good, life is still beautiful, and that love can rise above.

I truly believe that you need to love your photographer as much as you love their work. you aren’t hiring a camera, you’re hiring a human. so, let’s go grab a coffee, eat a burger, take a walk, fly a kite, and see if we’re a fit. I am seriously passionate not only about capturing beautiful moments, but about the people that create those moments.

if you'd like to know even more about the way I work, check out this blog post, or even better..

let’s talk.  I’d love to know you.