candace + aaron :: december 27, 2012 | bainbridge island wedding photographer

I've been sitting here, perched on my chair, not knowing where to start... trying over and over to find the right thing to say about Candace and Aaron. Not because there is nothing to say, nor because their story isn't inspiring and beautiful- it most certainly is.It is because one cannot easily describe this sort of love in just a few words.

If you could have seen his face when he first saw her coming down the aisle, you would understand what I mean. It was a beautiful combination of amazement, anticipation, adoration... There was something tangible that shifted the moment they locked eyes.

This love, that had lasted over years of separation, loss of contact, changing circumstances, was what made it all worth it. This is what family and friends had gathered together on a cold December day to celebrate.

I was (and still am) truly honored to have been asked to photograph their wedding, and am delighted to share a few favourites from Candace and Aaron's day.

honey[3]: new hampshire/massachusetts

Installment #3 of honeymoon photos: New Hampshire! We made a little detour through Concord to visit a dear friend/hallmarker.

On to Massachusetts! First, we hit up good ol' Hallmark, and attended the 2012 graduation.


Took Drew to the Book Mill (which he had never been to... shocking).

This used to be the most amazing place to get mexican... until we moved back West and realized that its really quite terrible. Of course, we didn't realize that until we wolfed down a bunch of tacos.

Only the East Coast could get away with this restaurant name.

That's all, folks, more to come.