laurel + steve | seattle wedding photographer

Another wedding! This one I second shot with Alex Rubin over at Rubin Photography, and we had a blast. I met Steve and the boys on Bainbridge Island and rode the ferry over with them. I'll tell you what, playing the "its my wedding day" card can get you pretty far: the groom convinced the captain to let us up top to poke around and see all the ferry controls. Pretty cool. Steve and Laurel were such a sweet, loving couple. Neither of them could stop smiling from ear to ear all day.

Here are a few picks. Enjoy!

While shooting twilight photos, we glanced over on the pier to see a group of hundreds of people gathered together, all in white. The bride and groom wandered over and asked what was going on. Apparently, it was a "flash mob, en blanc." They lit up tons of sparklers and let Laurel and Steve join in. Talk about a unique wedding experience!

Head over to Alex's blog and take a look at his gorgeous photos!