bainbridge island couple

brad + kelly | engaged | seattle and portland wedding photographer

When Brad first contacted me about photographing his surprise proposal to Kelly at the BIMA, it is needless to say I was pretty stoked. Not only is a proposal just delightful enough to shake up my weekly routine, Brad is just about the sweetest, kindest guy you'll ever meet. Plus, the way he looks at his girl? Oh man.

We met up a couple days before the proposal at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art to lay out our sneaky plan of attack. The museum staff was in on it, I was strategically placed (doing my best impression of a camera-wielding art student), and the goregeous, custom made ring was hanging carefully on a piece created by local artist Steve Parmelee (who just happened to be there, witnessing the whole thing).

The couple arrived, the question was popped, magic happened. A bunch of funny stuff happened in between, but those are stories for another day. For now, we'll let the photos show off.

lia + luke, married | bainbridge island wedding photographers

When he looks at her, the whole world melts away. This was one of those incredible weddings that, despite any chaos and commotion, the second these two locked eyes, everything was right with the world. Their first look is enough to make your heart feel squishy.

Luke and Lia were married on the end of a dock, stretched out over the pond at her aunt and uncle's beautiful Bainbridge Island home. It rained that morning, and these two braved the wetness to create some incredible images. The sun broke just in time for the ceremony, then the rain came back, then the sun-- well, you get the point.

One of my favourite memories of the day was looking out over all the guests mingling on the lawn during the reception and seeing that not one of them was phased by the rain, steadily falling on their heads. No, these folks were here for something much bigger. They were here to celebrate the truly unique, fierce, devoted love that L + L have for each other.

Congratulations once again, Luke and Lia. I have no doubt you will continue to have a beautiful effect on our world.

x + n | bainbridge island wedding photographers

When Xochitl first contacted me about photographing her and Nathan's wedding, she told me she could literally feel the love radiating from my photos. Not only was this the best compliment I've received to this day, it let me know immediately that I had found an incredible couple, and a wonderful union to capture.

The honest, soul-deep love that was shared on X + N's wedding day was something remarkable. They truly radiate.