lailah rose | 22 months

Lately, as I choose photos, I am called to those that contain more motion and emotion, rather than prettiness and perfection. Framing, exposure, color, light. I get it, they're all important. All are taken into account every time I hit the shutter. But motion, emotion, will always win.

Perhaps this is due in part to my experiences photographing Lailah. Her and I took one photo a week for a full year. After that, I slowed down to once a month, and long ago abandoned any thought of posing, perfection. Trying for perfection with a wild and willful toddler fell by the wayside, and not a moment too soon. I've never been a photographer bent on perfection in my images, but photographing Lailah has brought this philosophy to the forefront more than ever. Of course I will always strive to be better. Of course I will put my utmost care into every photograph I take. But ultimately, I'm in it for the substance. No more building moments, holding onto artifice. Instead, I'll strive to capture moments, foster moments, nurture them.

Deal? Deal.

Also, if you're getting married, and you want to take puddle-splashing photos, I'm your girl.