kat + jon on the columbia river gorge | portland adventure wedding photographers

It is late, I am tired, and my allotted time for blog writing is quickly waning.

Honestly, you guys, I think any parent with a child under 5 who gets out of bed, gets dressed, showers, eats, ensures their child's relative well-being and accomplishes one other unrelated task every day (that's SIX whole to do's!) should be given superhero status.

I'll await my cape by express mail delivery, and will only use my powers for good.

On a non-tangential note: Kat + Jon and I adventured out to the Columbia River Gorge this past Saturday, and needless to say, it was magical. If I could make adventure sessions like this my bread and butter, well, I'd eat much more bread and butter. Kat + Jon were such a joy to be around, and to photograph. They are both so easy to know, and have a way of making whomever they are around feel comfortable (hey, I thought that was my job). So cheers, to that, friends. And cheers to giant waterfalls and mossy woods.