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This blog post is very late in coming, but, well, toddlerhood.

Due to some unexpected (or partially expected) delays in our move to Portland, we spent some time living with my parents in Poulsbo back in September.

Oh, didn't you know? We're in Portland now! More on that later.

Anyway, we spent almost a month living at my parents' house, and while the thought of being back at your childhood home may make some of you cringe, I found so much to treasure during our stay. First off, my parents are cool. Second, having four extra hands to help care for Lailah was a godsend. They're not joking when they say it takes a village to raise a child. We spent the month cooking, baking, working, and playing, and I will always look back fondly on that time.

Being rootless for a moment was an oddly freeing experience. The three of us were reduced to one suitcase and a couple duffle bags. We ate, drank and wore what was available to us at the time. We didn't fuss about furniture, lamps, or whether this throw or that would look so good with our sofa color. Don't get me wrong, I love creating and decorating whatever space we live in, but the simplicity of that month was incredibly satisfying. So, when we finally made it down to Portland and began unpacking all of our boxes, I did some soul searching. As each box revealed its contents, I asked myself-- do we really need this? In the month+ that we have gone without this, have I thought about it once? Is this essential to our happiness? Our wellbeing? Our journey through life? Most of the time, the answer was no. So, we found a new home for a decent portion of our belongings. Now, our 800sqf home feels like a palace, and we are happy.

Let's face it, you guys, life isn't about possessions. Totally novel concept, I know.
It's about moments. 
And bubbles.

Coming soon, more on the Portland move, and some photos of rad people getting married.