sixteen months | life


Somewhere in the course of her language acquisition, the word "please" landed in place of the word "yes". When she's not saying "no" (which seems constant some days), it's "please", which is a guaranteed heart melter.

My days of late are filled with dancing to caspar babypants, changing diapers, taming tantrums, and reading the same book over and over (and over) again.

It's funny, this is the point where so many parents mourn their "baby", that sweet, rolly polly innocence that comes with the younger months. Me? I'm thrilled. Don't get me wrong. This parenting thing kicks my ass on a daily, okay, hourly basis. But every morning brings something new, and every day brings a little more strength, a little more understanding, and a little more thrill at the thought of what this incredible girl will be in our world.

My child, may you always be fascinated by bubbles, and drawn in by light. May you always have an open heart, a ready smile and a ridiculous sense of humor. May you observe wisely, speak kindly, and act with grace and understanding.