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Get out your pom-poms and strike up the band, because even more changes are here. Time for our next big announcement!

Over the past year, both Drew and I have found ourselves getting busier and busier. For me it has been weddings (and seniors! and boudoir!), for him, it has been commercial and editorial photography. For many years, Drew has been gracious enough to attend meetings, second shoot weddings, assist when needed, and provide plenty of creative feedback (and inspiration) for the wedding business. There were times that working as a team was intensely frustrating, but all in all, it was incredibly rewarding. Not only did we get to to spend more time together than the average couple, it gave us many opportunities to strengthen our marriage, learn from each other, and grow together. We have loved working together, and will continue to do so every day of our lives. We always knew the time would come that we would be ready to set off down our own photographic paths, and I'm so excited to announce that now is that time.

I have gained a measure of confidence I would have never thought possible over the last several years, and most of that is thanks to Drew. He did not convince me of my strengths, he did not force me to stand on my own, he simply allowed me to discover what I knew all along: I have what it takes to be a businesswoman. I have the creativity, the drive, and the resources to make this a successful venture. In his quiet, reassuring way, he allowed me to develop from someone who was completely unsure if I could handle running a wedding business, into someone who knew that this is exactly what I am meant to do.

Never fear. Drew is still very much a presence here at Vanasse Studios (in fact, he's sitting about four feet away from me right now), but its finally time for me to step up and take charge. He is still my inspiration, my motivation. He will still come to meetings, if he is available.  He may even shoot weddings with me once in a while. But he's off on his own adventure, and I couldn't be more proud. Check out his incredible work.

On the wedding front, I've begun assembling a team of second photographers whom I feel will beautifully represent our style and our philosophy, and I can't wait to work a full season of weddings with new friends by my side!

So, welcome to the new website. New photos, new style, even a new "about" section.
Same old thrill to be celebrating love for a living.

One more big announcement coming on Wednesday: we're through the roof about this one.

Cheers, friends.