grand canyon | seattle photographers

I've been avoiding my computer half the day, mostly because every time I sit down to write this, I find myself staring at the business end of a monstrous writer's block. That would make more sense if a writer's block were some sort of mythical creature bent on brain domination, and not just that mental flatline we all know and love to hate.

All nonsense aside, I feel as though I could never write anything eloquent enough to describe our visit to the Grand Canyon. The trip took us about 3 times longer than it should have (we tried driving to the northern rim, half knowing that it would be closed), and we ended up arriving at the park after the sun had gone down. We car camped, awoke to an extremely blustery day, and tottered to the edge of a sheer cliff, revealing easily one of the most incredible sights I've seen in my life.

The first couple photos are from the trip out, captured at one of the surrounding canyons. We hung off bridges, scrambled up red rocks, and explored old broken down huts. It was wonderful.

*One of the many, many reasons we took this trip was to shoot a few photos for Blood and Bolts. They've got some pretty rad stuff, and an amazing outlook on life, people, and travel. If you instagram, their feed is definitely worth checking out @bloodandbolts.

Coming soon: a long awaited installment of our love story, and a fresh batch of gorgeous senior photos!