beth | seattle portrait photographer

It's hard to know where to start when talking about someone who means so much. I've always been a big proponent (wish I wasn't) of the "write, re-write, then trash 'cause it's just no good" method of blog post authorship. I'll do my best to get this one on the first try.

Beth and I have been friends for 12 years. We went through the awkward teenaged phase together, developed our creative geniuses side-by-side, navigated young adulthood and despite having lost touch, have recently re-cultivated a wonderful friendship. I photographed her wedding (my very first) many years ago, photographed her first pregnancy and (beautiful) baby H. She has been such an avid supporter of my hopes and dreams, even when they seemed a little crazy, and more than a little shaky.

Beth is currently gorgeously pregnant with her second little one, so I had to grab a shot of her yesterday during our visit. Did I mention that she's 8 months along, just moved and is in the process of unpacking her new house? Can you say superwoman?

As an artist, I feel like several facets of my personality periodically declare war on one another. Two in particular have been fighting lately: my professional self and my artistically sensitive self. Over the weekend, I decided that I need to reintegrate these two, and to give them a chance to work together (as opposed to being hell-bent on tearing my brain in half).

This opportunity presented itself to me in the form of a project. Work is work, planned photo shoots are wonderful, but I strive to see beauty and perfect imperfection, even in every day situations. So, I will take my camera with me more, even if its just to visit a friend. I will find beauty, as opposed to setting it up, creating it, injecting it where I see fit. 

Beth, her husband and son(s) have just moved into her parents' old house. Her and I spent so much time playing, creating, dreaming here as kids. This home contains a lot of powerful memories, so what better place to begin?