a year in the life | 2013

Two years ago, if you asked me what I thought of instagram, I would have scoffed, stuck my nose in the air, and dove head first into a rant about the sacred art of photography being blasphemed by whatever miscreant invented this most recent social media craze.

Now? I love, love, love instagram.

Allow me to explain.

I'm still just as passionate about the sacred art of photography, particularly when it comes to capturing life's incredible moments, oh, like the day you marry your best friend. Please, please, put down the iPhone. That's why we're there. We capture those memories for you, so you can remain immersed in your day, experiencing all the beauty it has to offer.

But for all those in between times? The times that are just as perfect, but maybe not quite as throw-a-party, have-some-cake monumental? Pull out that smartphone and snap away.

Drew and I really took advantage of instagram this past year. As a couple whose livelihoods depend on wielding a 500 pound camera, sometimes is wonderful to be able to keep that Canon in the bag. This allows us to simply capture our experiences, put the phone down, and continue to experience our experiences.

Don't get me wrong, we still pull out the big guns on important occasions. Some of the photos we took on our trip to Leavenworth are already displayed proudly on the wall. But I suppose that's the point. Just like anything in life, it's all about priorities. And timing. And chocolate.

During our glorious downtime over Christmas break, we decided to put together a little "year in review" book. We printed the book through artifact uprising, whose mantra is to celebrate the "disappearing beauty of the tangible". How funny that they boldly offer instagram books. Funny, but sort of perfect.


Happy weekending. I hope, whatever you do, you get some killer instagram pix.