shine on

Writer's block is one thing. This- this is more like there's an incredibly inconsiderate elephant sitting on my creativity itself. But all elephants aside, here we go. Last year was rough- both universally and personally. We witnessed and experienced events happening all around us that made us question our humanity, that broke our hearts over and over until we felt they couldn't possibly hurt any more. The world mourned for children lost, for soldiers who never came home, for countless inexplicable acts of man's inhumanity to man.

I experienced a lot of personal struggles, not unrelated to the world seeming to crumble around me. I fought with feelings of heart-rending loss, fear, sadness, uncertainty and everything in between. I allowed myself to be taken down so low that I became barely functional, controlled by my own debilitating fear and doubt.

Last year was wonderful- both universally and personally. Through the pain and sadness, we saw humanity, kindness, compassion awaken once again. We saw people come together in times of trouble, helping and supporting those in need. We were reminded over and over that there is still so much to live for, to fight for, to protect in our world.

In my own world, I experienced some of the most beautiful moments of my life so far. We're talking about make-your-heart-so-full-it-might-burst wonderful. Joyful-crying-in-the-shower-the-morning-of-your-wedding-beacuase-you-can't-believe-you-could-be-so-blessed wonderful.

On June 16th, I joined forces with my best friend, without whom I wouldn't have made it into 2013 in one piece. Surrounded by our most dearly loved friends and family, we made a promise to make it through anything that comes our way. Together. We vowed love unconditionally, to support each other in everything, to experience all life has to offer. Together. We experienced a serious emotional blow, even then in the midst of our happiest hour, but once again we proved that we can work our way through anything. Together.

I was blessed to witness my dearest sister marry her best friend, only a few months after I had married mine. I was able to spend more time with my family than I have in years. I was continually blessed with new friends, new connections, countless new opportunities.

January is beautiful. Here it is, an invitation every 12 months to wipe the slate clean, to start fresh. To put our mucked-up past behind us and continue on with renewed hope for a brighter future. This is not 2012 anymore. This is 2013. This is a new year, a new start, a reminder that no matter what happens, there is always hope, there is always forgiveness. There is always a way to release the past and move forward.

Join me?