the day of birth

Drew's birthday comes around at the same time every year... six days before Christmas. Talk about being upstaged. So, this year, my mom and I decided to plan an elaborate (yet not that fancy) surprise party for him... 8 year old kid style. Yep, we're talking balloons, streamers, funfetti birthday cakes, noisemakers and piñatas.

Step one: distract birthday boy.

I took him out to breakfast at our favourite cafe, then to the park to spend some quality seagull-watching time.

Step two: drive around randomly, take the longest possible way home because Mom and Dad aren't finished prepping yet.

Step three: get up to the house before Drew. This one worked out a lot smoother than I thought it would.

Step four: party time!

... and for the record... yes, that IS a birthday onsie.