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Oh, I can't believe how long it has taken me to get these on the blog. I am not biased, of course (it's not like I shot their wedding, their maternity 2x and Walter's newborn photos before this...), but this sweet family shoot is my favourite of all time.

More lifestyle family photos, please! 

If you're feeling this style, send me an email at tasha@vanassestudios.com

Cheers, friends.

family photo sessions | portland family photographer

If you had asked me a couple years ago if I thoroughly enjoyed doing family sessions, I'd probably laugh it off and tell you... well, no. Not really. I enjoyed doing them for former clients, because I know them, and it's always lovely to reconnect. But I never reveled in chasing kiddos around, trying to force everyone to smile, and dealing with crankies, tantrums and obstinance. 

Until now!

(Sorry, I can never pass up sounding like an infomercial.)

Honestly, family portrait sessions, the way I've chosen to start doing them, have been some of my favorite sessions of the year. What's changed, you ask? My approach. My attitude. The fact that I've seen first hand on a daily basis how incredibly fast those kiddos grow, and how almost every moment is sweet if you look at it in the right light. Also, who wants posed family portraits? If you do, no judgement, of course. But I'm not your girl.

I love weddings, I'll always love weddings, But it's not the pomp and decor and fanciness that I love. It's the people. The love. And those people, many of them, grow up and start families of their own. It's a natural progression. More people, more love. So, bring on the families.

prouse family | portland family photographer

Okay, so I don't normally photograph families. When I do, it's usually a special occasion, former client, or a wedding day. But I'll tell you what-- if I could do more sessions like this, I'd be all over that family photographer thing in an instant. 

The love these three share is simply remarkable. But I don't need to ramble on about it, it's quite clear in these photos.

So, let's hear it, Portland. Want to have a chill family love fest? Hit me up, we'll create and capture some beautiful moments together.