Over the weekend, I got a chance to get back in touch with my roots. I spent some time with my parents in Poulsbo, during which I decided to take a little stroll around their farm. It was a gorgeous day (that's right, Washington's August has everywhere else beat), and the photo taking bug got a hold of me, so I grabbed my Mark II and went outside. Lo and behold, I had forgotten to put a card in. Don't worry, it has never happened on a shoot. Still desperate to take some photos, I tracked down my old Nikon D50 and took it for a spin. Good ol' Nikon is how I got my start as a photographer...the D50 being my very first SLR. As much as I'm in love with Canon now (thank you, Hallmark), the D50 really was a blast to shoot with. So here we are. Enjoy!

Oh, and can you say holy garden, batman!?

Coming soon: more wedding photos, and some awesome frames from the Deford family shoot. Let me tell you, chasing a 2 and a half year old around a Seattle park with your ISO and shutter speed jacked up for 4 hours is a barrel of laughs. Get ready for the craziness!