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Lovely Seattle ladies! March 7th is quickly approaching, and we have a couple spots left in our boudoir marathon. I know that boudoir is something that so many women would love to do "some day". There is always the hesitation, the reluctance, the need to be more tan, more fit, more brave.

No more excuses. Because, let's face it, you'll always be able to come up with one more reason not to do something (I know, because I'm the queen of excuses). Today is the day. You're never going to be more you than you are right. this. moment. There is something infinitely beautiful about capturing images of women in the present moment: raw and vulnerable. We work tirelessly to provide a safe space, 100% free of judgment, for you to be entirely yourself. 

Hair and makeup by the wonderfully kind-hearted Kams Kouture Makeup Artistry, snacks and drinks will be provided. You will receive a personalized photo session with myself, an online gallery of images to view a few days afterward, and a beautifully hand-designed album of your images. The value here is over $1,000, but here's the dirty little secret: we love what we do, and we want women to love it, too. So, $350, and this is all yours.

So instead of excuses, how about you come up with reasons? Reasons to say yes to something new, to embrace yourself and your life where it's at right now.




beautiful isabella | seattle boudoir photographers

A glimpse at the beautiful Isabella, who braved the freezing cold weather (it was actually snowing at one point) because I thought it would be a fabulous idea to try some outdoor boudoir photos. Here's to adventurous souls!