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just for you a boudoir preparation guide


  • Make sure to bring clean lingerie items, those that look or are “new”. While some faded or worn items can be charming, lingerie looks best if its fresh and clean. When in doubt, bring a simple, classic matching bra + panty set. Items that you feel confident and sexy in are key to arriving ready to rock your look!

  • Accessorize! Jewelry and heels are two of the most important parts of your boudoir session, so don’t forget to bring options! It’s like playing dress-up, just for big girls.

  • If at all possible, get lots of rest the night before. Avoid drinking alcohol, and eating lots of salty or sugary foods. All of these things change your complexion, and you’ll want to both look and feel your best!

  • Drink LOTS of water! It’s like magic. Water hydrates your skin and makes you glow. Insta-beautiful. Please do eat the day of your session, even if its just a little.  

  • Make sure to moisturize! You should arrive at your session with no makeup on, but make sure to moisturize so your skin is ready to go. We also highly recommend that you bring a bottle of your favourite body lotion to combat dry arms, legs, etc.

  • Make sure to have your fingers and toes painted nicely. We will be focusing a LOT on your fingers and toes, so paint them up, or spring for a mani/pedi!

  • Please don’t self-tan in the weeks leading up to your session.

  • Try to avoid tan lines (natural or otherwise). Once your clothes come off, these lines are very noticeable, and you’ll look your best if your skin is evenly toned.

  • Avoid trying new products that your skin isn’t used to, as we don’t want to risk an allergic reaction.

  • If you are going to color your hair, please ensure that you do it more than a week before your session, to allow the color to fade slightly to a more natural hue.

  • Please don’t wear any tight clothes to the session. Lines on skin can take hours to disappear, so come in your sweatpants and a loose top. We won’t judge, I promise!

  • Feel free to bring a friend for moral support! Make sure it’s someone who will be kind, supportive, and excited for your session. Even better, book back-to-back sessions with a girlfriend, and make it a party!

If you’re at a loss for what to bring:

  • Bra + panty sets
  • Tops or sweaters with a lovely pair of panties
  • Corsets
  • Robes (not the big fluffy kind)
  • Knee/thigh highs
  • HEELS! Don’t underestimate the importance of shoes! Just make sure they fit you and that you are (reasonably) comfortable in them. 
  • Plain white t-shirts can be awesome just on their own.
  • Anything of your significant other’s that has special meaning to you.
  • If in doubt, just bring it! We will talk options before your session and choose a look(s) that will photograph beautifully.

 Most importantly, come ready to feel pampered and beautiful! Don’t let nerves get to you, every single woman I have ever photographed is beautiful in her own unique way, which is exactly why I’m here, doing what I do.

xoxo, tasha