class of 2015 senior reps

Ladies and Gentlemen, Guys and Gals, it's that time of year again!

What's that you say? The class of 2015 hasn't even begun their senior year yet? Well, we're getting a head start this year, so we can have as much fun as possible. Also, we know that all the class of 2015 senior girls are already thinking ahead! 

Vanasse Studios is seeking two outgoing, enthusiastic high school senior representatives to work with us throughout the year.

That's right, if you're starting your senior year of high school this coming September, we're talking to you!

Senior Rep Ad 2015.jpg

What we need:

1 guy and 1 girl from the Class of 2015 (Bainbridge Island school district)

What we do:
*drastically discounted senior session, 2 locations and 2-3 changes of clothes
*A featured blog post highlighting you, your interests, and best of all, the gorgeous photos we've created together
*10-15 watermarked digital files, for use online and for social media
*20% (or more, see below) off all digital and print orders, provided you send us 3+ referrals (booked and paid session)
*50 customized senior rep cards with your photo, used to promote us throughout the year

What you do:
*You must be a high school senior, set to graduate in 2015
*You must live in the North Kitsap / Seattle area and be willing to travel to Bainbridge Island
*You agree to exclusively promote Vanasse Studios throughout the 2015 school year
*You share your watermarked digital images on Facebook, Twitter, etc
*Your parent/guardian must sign a model release, allowing us to use your images for advertising and promotion
*You pass out your rep cards to as many people as possible, and send us at least 3 referrals

But wait, there's more!

If you send us...

*5-9 referrals (booked and paid session) :: extra 10% off print and digital products
*10+ referrals (booked and paid session) :: extra 20% off all print and digital products


*Your referrals will receive 10% off their digital or print purchases

Awesome, you say! What's next? 

Check out this handy form we've created for you.

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Don't be shy, send a note, drop a line, we're excited to hear you!

(360) 271-3252