less work, more photo

Lately, I've been finding myself drowning under the computer-related aspects of running a photography business. Necessary? Yes. Inspiring, rewarding, making me feel like frolicking through a field of daisies? Not necessarily.

This weekend, I've decided to simply take photos. Mainly because I've forgotten what weekends are lately (or evenings, or lunch breaks, etc). Just the last couple of days, I've made myself take an hour while the sun is going down just to sit out on the porch and enjoy a good book (Sherlock Holmes, of course). This needs to happen more often.

This weekend, we're headed to my parent's house to paint. Then back here to build a fence in our yard for Prudence. So, instead of obsessing about contracts and marketing and editing, I will simply photograph.

Here's a little starter: our house while the sun was going just behind the trees. I'm in love with this place.



Til Monday.